How do I setup my email account in Outlook, or my mobile device? Print

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Setting up your email account in Outlook

This tutorial is based on Outlook 2007. Other applications will be similar.
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1). Open Outlook, then click the 'Tools' menu item. Then click 'Account Settings'.

Outlook 2007 Setup Screen 1

2). At the next screen in Outlook, click the 'New...' account icon.

3). On the next screen, the top radio button should already be checked, if not, select it. Then Click 'Next'.

4). Now check the box in the lower left corner to 'Manually Configure' the server settings. Then click 'Next'.

5). Again, the top radio button should be selected, if not select it. Then click 'Next'.

6). Enter your email account information here on this screen.

7). Click the 'Outgoing Server' tab.

8). Check the box in the top left hand corner - 'My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication' - Then 'OK'.

9). Now you are ready to test you account settings.

10). If all the account information was entered correctly, you should see the following message.

11). Congratulations, at this point your Outlook Email Account should now be setup successfully.

12). Organize your Outlook Email Accounts further.

13). Setting up your mobile device.

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